Words of Others

Yumi Merricks

- Yumi Merricks

“Alex is an inspirational and engaging speaker. He captivated us with his knowledge and wisdom.”

Steven James-Hargreaves

- Steven James-Hargreaves

“Alex has a wonderful way to make everyone feel at ease when he speaks. Alex’s knowledge around his subject matter is unquestionable. His ability to empathise and listen attentively and then articulate his understanding of your situation is a gift, he’s such a genuine nice guy.”

Chris Staples

- Chris Staples

“Alex’s ability to articulate, teach and create a warm and loving environments for people to feel comfortable in their vulnerability is something very special.”


- Mother

“I wish he would cut his hair.”

About Me

I am vastly fortunate to have experienced so much in such a relatively short existence. I have been lucky enough to share the time of the extremely wealthy, fascinating, penthouse-dwelling-socialites of Miami, to the extremely peaceful, meditating buddhist monk’s of Luang Prabang. I have started, ended, sold and lost a number of businesses, in both success and failure. I have founded a charity; Victoria’s Promise. I have lost people that I loved the most, and love those that I am lost without. I am dedicated to words, both spoken and written. I have traded my Audi for a skateboard (which I fall off regularly), my football boots with a keyboard, and my self interest for purpose. I have realised how little I know, how few I have known, how few I have helped, and how many need helping. I strive to educate myself in every way I can so that I can be instrumental in the legacy of others, and therein, I hope, will lie my own legacy.

Supporting young women through cancer

I am a trustee of a charity that could not be closer to my heart. The Charity is Victoria’s Promise. Victoria’s Promise was started when my sister Victoria tragically passed away from Cancer aged 29. Rarely would you find someone with more love in the heart, compassion and a unshakeable joy for life. When Vicki fell ill she promised to beat the disease and use her experiences to help others facing the same battle. Having also lost her father earlier in the year to cancer, Vicki had decided to fight back. Tragically she wasn’t given the chance as the disease took her life within two months of diagnosis. Victoria’s Promise was founded to carry out her intentions. The charity now supports young women battling cancer. With initiatives to help the welfare of those battling such as help with child care, beauty therapies and reflexology treatments. Victoria’s Promise aims to make a huge difference in the trenches in the war on cancer. As well as supporting research into cures and prevention.

to inspire deep peace and understanding in others, so they have the freedom and health needed to build the legacy they deserve.

The Brand Incubator is a branding journey like no other, it’s a unique blend of personal development and high level branding and business creation. I feel really grateful to have worked with as many incredible entrepreneurs as I have in this process.

I couldn’t sleep one night, (basically like every night) after watching a documentary about climate change. It got me to wondering why it is we do things that we know are bad for us, I thought of all the things I am guilty of, and realised that in a hectic world, we often end up diverted down the path of least resistance

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