This Just in

Images and pointed prose,

spark drum-sound in our heart.

So when we see the “enemy”,

Our minds will turn to dark.

Forget ourselves for humans,

Now vessels filled with fear.

Please carry out your war afar,

So the central line stays clear.

What’s he got in his right hand?

His eyes?

I’m sure they’re darting?

Why is he so nervous?

Oh god, the terror’s starting.

Is Starbucks, this, his curtain call?

His gateway to redemption?

How can that beard,

that bead of sweat,

have escaped from my attention.

Shall I grab him?

Jump him now?

An action of prevention.

What will it be, him or me,

If there’s no intervention.

I could stop this sick and twisted man

from suicide intentions….

Too late,

he’s at the counter now!…

“Soy latte”, he politely mentions.

Is it ethical to eat meat?

Is it ethical to eat meat?

Approaching the question “Is it ethical to eat meat”, it is important to address the subjective nature of ethics. A long debated area in all disciplines, philosophy, law and the sciences. What is, and what is not ethical can always be argued as conjecture, the opinion of the individual or the collective. Social and cultural biases can also have a profound effect on what is, and what is not considered ethical. When dealing with ethics you can try and include widely accepted concepts of morality, but in practice, an individual will be guided by their own moral compass. So to answer this question I shall do so from the stand point of my own personal guideline of ethics. I will use arguments to support them, but with an understanding that my morality may vary from my reader, with neither being invalid.

For me, when looking at the question of consuming meat there are a few key areas to consider, evaluate and draw from before concluding whether meat consumption is or is not ethical. These areas are, environmental impact, treatment of livestock, personal health and wider economic context.


An open letter to anyone that may have lost a brother or sister.

An open letter to anyone that may have lost a brother or sister.


let me say that I am sorry.

I am incredibly sorry that life has contorted itself in such an unthinkable, unbelievable and unfair direction, leaving you feeling like you have stepped outside of reality into some sort of macabre dream world of disbelief and despair, a rabbit hole of sepia memories and faded laughter. I am sorry you have had to feel your legs collapse beneath you, and that you now have to face an unrecognisable world.


The E-Cig -What the study’s really mean

The E-Cig -What the study’s really mean

This is going to be quite difficult for me to articulate, and i’m sure it will be met with disagreement. As I am sure many of you have seen in recent days, weeks a plethora of positive news around the e-cigarette.

Now, the first thing I want to point out before I rant on is, I have no doubt that it is healthier than smoking. That is not my issue.


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