This is going to be quite difficult for me to articulate, and i’m sure it will be met with disagreement. As I am sure many of you have seen in recent days, weeks a plethora of positive news around the e-cigarette.

Now, the first thing I want to point out before I rant on is, I have no doubt that it is healthier than smoking. That is not my issue.

However, recent articles that are floating around are just an all too familiar carousal of public opinion towards economic gain over public health. Just another example of public perception being manipulated for the gain of industry.

Read the headline in the screen shot attached.

Firstly, “95% less harmful then tobacco… is a spurious headline. Harmful in what area? less risk of a specific cancer? less risk of a certain respiratory illness? What’s the full story?”

This will be an isolated study into one effect. Also, why is the study a comparison to cigarettes? And not just a study about the harm of the e-cigarettes on our health? never mind the cigarette, I mean, it doesn’t take much to be less harmful then a cigarette does it? let’s be honest. Half a bottle of tesco’s own vodka of an evening, two cheesecakes a day and a rectal examination from a curious guerrilla are all probably less harmful then smoking, doesn’t mean we should advocate them.

So now we start to see how the lens of information is calibrated.

Then the inevitable conclusion… They should be giving them to people trying to give up and “no evidence that they are a gateway into smoking for kids”

let’s first remember, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence,

Forget the “lack of evidence” just ask yourself the question, you’re thirteen, you start smoking an e-cigarette, are you more or less likely to go on to smoke a normal cigarette? Then if you don’t smoke at all?

in other words, this is an unbelievably, or should I say predictably misleading statement.

Also, it will not surprise you to hear who has funded these studies.. I don’t think I need to even write it.

I gave up smoking in my early twenties, I know people that have had a serious 30 a day habit and quit. My dad smoked for 30 years and quit. I know it can be hard. But having a medical service that just replaces one vice with another, is not working in the best interest in public health. Same with methadone for heroin addicts, but that is an matter for another time.

An official government report – from 2013 stated – The e-cigarette market is estimated to be worth £91.3 million a year. It increased by 340% in 2013 to reach £193 million, and is expected to be worth £340 million by 2015, in China sales have already reached $5 billion.

(…/31…/Ecigarette_uptake_and_marketing.pdf )

I wonder how many millions that NHS contract with the E-cigarette company will be worth?, no doubt it will be a privatised sector.

Do you know who are the companies behind the E-cig? unsurprisingly it is the tobacco companies the likes of Lorillard Inc and British American Tobacco, you think these companies are working with the publics best health as a priority?

So now we are in for 10 -15 years of manipulated studies and pseudo-science around the E-cigarette’s – safe, healthy option, fine for kids etc…

So that we can prop up the tobacco industry for a second time. Until once again the evidence so undeniably empirical the industries and governments have no choice to condemn it, first in the 1st world, while they grow markets in the 3rd. Exactly like they are doing with cigarettes today (tobacco companies are now actively targeting children in the developing world), and soon it will be our generations turn to be looked back on as the duped idiots that should have known better.

I would like to re-iterate that I am not condemning people that have converted from smoking to the e-cigarette, but I would urge them to use it to take them one step closer to quitting all together, as apposed to just replacing. Let’s not be the human guinea pigs for big business.


smoking 2 smoking one

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