Images and pointed prose,

spark drum-sound in our heart.

So when we see the “enemy”,

Our minds will turn to dark.

Forget ourselves for humans,

Now vessels filled with fear.

Please carry out your war afar,

So the central line stays clear.

What’s he got in his right hand?

His eyes?

I’m sure they’re darting?

Why is he so nervous?

Oh god, the terror’s starting.

Is Starbucks, this, his curtain call?

His gateway to redemption?

How can that beard,

that bead of sweat,

have escaped from my attention.

Shall I grab him?

Jump him now?

An action of prevention.

What will it be, him or me,

If there’s no intervention.

I could stop this sick and twisted man

from suicide intentions….

Too late,

he’s at the counter now!…

“Soy latte”, he politely mentions.

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