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Alex Eastman Profile

Professional Bio

by Sara Tye, Red Head PR

Alex Eastman Profile

Alex Eastman is a global businessman, altruist and co-founder of Victoria’s Promise. During his career success, Alex was sadly hit by two successive tragedies when he lost both his father and 29-year-old sister, Victoria, to cancer. He Co-founded Victoria’s Promise, a charity and App – a growing community of young women supported and supporting each other through cancer and beyond. Alex has run live transformational workshops in New York, London, Toronto and Brisbane and given speeches and seminars globally in many areas of human and business development. He has also curated and delivered high ticket mastermind retreats in locations, such as Bali, Mexico, Dominican Republic and South Africa.

Alex has had various roles throughout his career starting out in door to door sales and estate agency and founded his first business at 21. The company’s ethos was aimed at assisting start-up entrepreneurs in setting up a digital presence and a brand. Subsequently, he then developed a business to support fitness professionals to leverage their time more effectively using digital strategies. Also Director of an incubator helping start-up entrepreneurs to identify and construct purpose-driven and value-aligned businesses.

Alex is passionate about helping people to come into alignment in all areas of their life. He subsequently co-founded three companies created to help people find their purpose, explore the relationship between mind and body and integrate core values, mission and vision: Pinpoint your Purpose, Ultimate Contribution Uncovered and Atlas of Self.

He is also the Founder and Chief of Vision of Tolado, a global tribe that connects and empowers individuals to live their best holistic life.

Alex is a family man, citing himself as a proud father, a loving partner, a grateful son, a loyal brother and an understanding friend. Above all, Alex believes that his purpose in life is to inspire deep peace and understanding in, himself others so that they feel free to build the legacy they deserve. All this while embarking on a healing journey, embracing eastern and western philosophies on his quest for inner harmony.