Brand Incubator

At the Brand Incubator we believe that creating a brand is about so much more than having a slick logo and brand collateral. It is about discovering deep foundations that include the values on which your brand stands, the vision, and mission of your brand. All of which emanate from a deep place within the brand owner, so that you can feel truly purposeful and aligned with your business, product or service. At BI we specialise in working with CEO’s, entrepreneurs and product owners that are looking to make a positive contribution as part of building their successful enterprise.

alex eastman

Alex Eastman

The Brand Incubator is a branding journey like no other, it’s a unique blend of personal development and high level branding and business creation. I feel really grateful to have worked with as many incredible entrepreneurs as I have in this process.

Alex Eastman

to inspire deep peace and understanding in others, so they have the freedom and health needed to build the legacy they deserve.


Our Workshop

One of the most challenging tasks I have as the director of the Brand Incubator, is trying to articulate the live workshop experience. A Unique, in-depth and exploratory environment designed to both engage and educate all of our attendees. Really you just have to attend one to know!